This page allows you to upload placement result files. Previously submitted results are available. Select the tool and benchmark that you're uploading information for, and point to the file. The preferred placement result format is GSRC Bookshelf ".pl". If you need to submit a different format, please email Patrick H. Maddenfor help with translation.

Please also include information about the run time and type of machine the placement was done on; obviously, there won't be any way to have a reasonable comparison on run times, but it should help to give a "ball park" idea of how fast the tool is.

The wire length value that you submit will be used for initial file naming and display; periodically, we will run a wire length checking routine to verify results, and we may then adjust the reported number. Wire lengths will be computed using the University of Michigan tool, as well as one developed at Binghamton.

You can post results anonymously, or use an anonymous tool to create a result.

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