feng shui 5.0

(c) 2005, Prof. Patrick H. Madden and the BLAC CAD Research Group
Binghamton University

feng shui is a suite of integrated circuit design tools. Version 5.0, released in January 2005, features a recursive bisection based mix size placement tool, and a placement tool optimized for circuits with a great deal of structure. The placement legalizers and detailed placement engine can also be accessed easily, for use with other global placement tools.
In addition to the placement tools, a beta version of the dispersion based global router is also included; this is perhaps most useful to our colleagues working on routing, as a means to achieve common benchmark file formats. Version 5.1, tentatively planned for April 2005, will have an expanded set of tools.
This software is released for academic use, and for industrial benchmarking and research use, free of charge--with the license restrictions as noted below. This software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind. This software is part of active research; our objective is to develop and evaluate novel techniques quickly. We anticipate that our tools will be less stable than those based on incremental improvements to traditional methods. If you encounter bugs, please contact the research group; while we may not be able to resolve the problem, the information is useful for guiding our work.


This distribution includes the following. We anticipate that the upcoming version 5.1 will include the following; if you are interested in obtaining pre-release versions, please contact the research group.

Supported File Formats

The graphical version of our tools supports a variety of file formats. The command line version currently supports only the GSRC "Bookshelf" format.

Graphical Display

The graphical verison of our tools supports a variety of sophisticated ways to display a design. Our tool is multi-threaded, and it is possible to observe the motion of circuit elements while placement is being performed.

Other Information


This software contains several libraries developed by other groups. Some of these have license constraints.