feng shui 5.1

Documentation for the GUI and command line versions is available on-line, or may be downloaded as a gzipped tar file. The GUI version also has the documentation internally stored.

Note: the half perimeter wire lengths reported by feng shui 5.1 may be incorrect, due to a bug in the cell mirroring code. The placement should be legal, and the difference should be at most a few percent. For the short term, please use the GSRC wire length calculator if you are using our tool for benchmarking. We expect to have this problem fixed shortly. We believe that the difference is caused by a mismatch on how different orientations are represented, and that once this is resolved, the wire lengths reported by our tool will match those of the calculator.

For benchmarking, please use the hMetis version; we find that it produces better results, and has been tested much more thoroughly.

The available versions are compiled for x86 Linux. A Solaris version will be available shortly. Some versions are linked with the hMetis partitioning library; please see the Metis page for more information. All files are gzipped; uncompress as required.

Current Versions

Older Versions

MLPart linked version